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Dr. Nadia Binte Amin

I am pleased to share the joy of Women’s Day and Award Giving Ceremony Celebrations of Women Entrepreneurs Network for Development Association (WEND). WEND is an organization to lead and support the women entrepreneurs to succeed in the commercial arena, it is also a government approved trade body.

The government of Bangladesh is committed to establish equal opportunity and rights for citizens to ensure inclusive national growth. The government has special programs to ensure increased participation of women in education, health, agriculture, industry and commerce, service and other sectors. The agendas in all the programs have been elimination of poverty, improvement of skill, self-employment, expansion of credit facilities, increasing gender awareness and expansion of supportive facilities etc.

With necessary policy support from the government and active collaboration between the governmental and non-governmental institutions, the women of Bangladesh from all walks of life have been empowered to make significant contribution to bring the country up from the least developed stage to the middle income status. The women of Bangladesh now have greater access to land, credits and other assets. They are stronger than ever before. The government has a platform prepared to listen to their voices. However, we need to continue with the stride and make larger steps to bring more barriers down, overcome more challenges and achieve greater social and economic success on individual and collective basis.

The government’s National Action Plan (NAP) for the development of women’s entrepreneurship include commendable initiatives to help the Bangladeshi women engaged in business. WEND and other women’s organization can suggest ways on how to better implement these plans and how to adapt them to better facilitate certain sectors from your hand on experience with different entrepreneurs working is diverse fields. The government of Bangladesh is extremely supportive to women’s development including the advancement of women entrepreneurs. I wish WEND a successful journey towards its goal of aiding the entrepreneurs overcome hurdles and raise the overall image of the women entrepreneurs of Bangladesh.