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Step 1

  • Choose the vehicle you want to purchase.
  • We will help you to search through Auction.
  • Detailed photos and specifications can be provided for selected car from Auction inventory.
  • Send an inquiry to check & confirm price and other details.
  • Choose your destination country and port (city) where the car will be delivered.
  • Make sure that there are no restrictions on the import of the car in your country which you are going to buy.

Step 2

  • The buyer should contact with us regarding the car he is interested in buying.
  • Japan used car auction takes place at various auction houses, where auctioneer auctions on behalf of buyers.
  • Once car bidding price is determined, the auctioneer will bid on the car at the buyer’s target price.
  • Customers need to arrange the amount before the auction, in the account of their dealer who will be making the bid on their behalf.
  • If the buyer wins the bid, then the auctioneer will send the invoice to the buyer.
  • The buyer has to send the remaining amount along with the agent’s charges to the supplier’s bank account.
  • The buyer can even cancel the auction order before purchasing at the auction.
  • If the bid turns out to unsuccessful, then security deposit will be refunded to the importer or the payment will get allocated to another vehicle based on the customer’s request.

Step 3

  • Receive your final Invoice in your email. Reconfirm Consignee (next owner) details may require if necessary.
  • Customers will make payment according to the invoice of company beneficiary accounts in Japan.
  • As soon as you complete your payment, please scan your confirmation receipt of payment and send its copy to us by email( or fax: (+81) 050 1476 9864.

Step 4

  • Upon receiving your payment, we will complete all necessary paperwork for customs clearance and shipping arrangement.
  • Your vehicle will be shipped on the earliest vessel and the shipping schedule will be updated by email as soon as it is confirmed.
  • Please be ready and make arrangement to receive your car at your Port of Destination as scheduled.

Step 5

  • After we ship your car to your port, we will dispatch all the necessary original documents listed in below to you by Air Courier for customs clearance and shipping arrangement.
  • Export Certificate: The original Export Certificate (Japanese)
  • Customs Invoice: This document is for your local customs department to verify the value of your vehicle.
  • Bill of Lading (BOL): You need Bill of Lading (BL) receive your vehicle at the Port of Destination (POD).

Other documents may be required depending on your country’s regulations, so that please contact with us for additional documents if required.

Step 6

  • Contact your customs clearance agent for guidance, since you do need to clear your car first before importing.
  • Submit all the required clearance documentation that you already received via Air Courier or email.
  • Contact your customs clearance agent to make arrangement of customs clearance for the vehicle.

Step 7

  • Once you pick up the vehicle at your port, you have completed your purchase.
  • Lastly, simply register your vehicle at your local vehicle registry office.
  • You can finally enjoy and drive your dream vehicle away.